There are six main reasons why homeowners renovate their bathrooms:

  • Investment Value

    The size and satisfactoriness of a bathroom are major selling points when a potential buyer is making the decision to purchase your home. If your bathroom is either outdated or simply inadequate, this will have a significant effect on someone perceived value of your home. You can expect, in most regions, that you will regain the majority of your investment.

  • Bathroom is in Need of Repair

    As time progresses all bathrooms show signs of aging due to the constant use. Sometimes this creates a good reason to completely renovate the area. While the repairs are the homeowners' main concern, other features of the bathroom can be updated as well.

  • Outdated Colors and Fads

    During the past decade the color fads have changed greatly. On average the decorating fads change every five years. Some of the older fads may seem outdated or simply "ugly" and may date your bathroom. Whether you simply don't like the appearance of the color scheme or just want change, the bathroom remodel will provide the fresh appearance you are looking for.

  • Outdated Fixtures

    Fixture styles and colors change over time. When buying a prefab home, developers tend to use less expensive fixtures to save money. When buying a previously owned house your style isn't always the same as theirs was. These are two reasons why people will remodel and modernize their new bathrooms

  • Bathroom is too Small

    The new trend in home construction and remodeling is to make the bathroom larger. Most homeowners wish they had more room in their master bathroom with two sinks, and the tub separate from their shower. Others are in need of making their second bathroom larger to accommodate multiple teenagers living in the house at the same time. Enlarging the bathroom will give more room as well as increase the selling potential.

  • Bathroom is unsafe

    Sharp corners, broken fixtures, cracked tubs, and broken tiles can lead to injuries.