Commercial Remodel - Milwaukee, WI 53212

On this renovation, we converted an old warehouse in the North Shore area of Milwaukee County into a Central Bark Doggy Daycare facility. In the warehouse portion we replaced the steel siding and old windows to block walls and glass block to add natural light, created a nap room and play areas for the dogs. In the office portion, we removed the old office walls to create a retail area with a break room, bathroom, grooming room, and new offices.

Kennel area:

In the warehouse area we constructed a nap room with rubber floors and a kitchen with heat.

Retail area:

In these pictures, we converted the old office area into a retail area with a break room and two offices. Windows, heating, and lighting were updated for efficiency. A new ADA bathroom was added and new flooring was laid down.

Warehouse area:

In the main warehouse area, we knocked out existing walls; laid block wall and added glass block windows to bring in the natural light from the outside. We added new efficient lighting and fans, as well as new rubber flooring and fenced in play areas inside as well as outside of the building.